My great adventure...


 In the 1990's, I badgered my father into writing about his experiences in WWII and we published it as a family memoir. He titled it My Greatest Adventure--WWII. (It's now available on Amazon if anyone is interested.)

Well, I certainly can't compare my six state, ten day odyssey with a trip to Europe fight a war, but in my fuzzy mind in a way I can't quite articulate, my dad's story is part of the reason why I'm making my MIRACLE ROAD trip.

The core story I tell with every book is about family and friendship.  Family and friends are the reason I'm sitting in a Holiday Inn Express somewhere south of Chattanooga, 800 miles from home, in order to sign copies of my twenty-eighth full length novel all across the south.

My dad was the greatest storyteller ever born, and I grew up listening to his tales of family and friends in Colorado during the Roaring Twenties. I listened in awe to his experiences while a young GI in Europe. Those hours nurtured my imagination, taught me about timing and content, and gave me the basis for the stories I write today. I credit my dad with instilling within me the desire to write.

I credit my husband with just about everything else. I'll tell you why in tomorrows blog, but now it's time for me to get ready to hit the road.

First impressions: Tennessee is an absolutely beautiful state. The Smokey Mountains take my breath away. And most important of all....I've never met such nice people. Thank you Tennesseans for making my visit to your state so pleasant.

Highlights of Day 1:

  • Beginning my road trip adventure with an adventure, ziplining. (With dear friends, all writers, who understand just what...scenery...should be photographed.  
  • The warm welcome I received at every Books-A-Million I visited.

  • The fact that Target has a shelf talker for MIRACLE ROAD and some had obviously sold in the three Targets I visited.
  • My visit to the Chickamauga Public Library and meeting fans of Eternity Springs including Joy who facilitated the invitation to visit.


Dalton, GA Books-a-million

Rome, GA Barnes & Noble

 Canton, GA Books-a-million

Cumming, GA Barnes & Noble

 Burford, GA Barnes & Noble

Lawrenceville, GA Books-a-million

Alpharetta, GA Books-a-million

And as many Walmarts and Targets that I can find. :)