My adventure continued in the area north of the city of Atlanta.

Here's my question for you today. When was the last time you bought a book at an independent bookstore?

On Friday, I had a lovely signing at an Indie bookstore, The Bookmiser, where I was reminded just how valuable good booksellers are to readers. Pam Crawford reads my Facebook page and when she saw I was heading her way, she invited me to do a formal signing.

The indie stores in my area have all disappeared, so it's been awhile since I've signed at one. In the hour I spent there, I watched her work with customers, and I was reminded of how valuable a great bookseller is for both readers and authors.

(Left to right) Pam, Me, Customer Edie, and Annell)

Pam knows her customers' reading preferences and she introduces them to new books and authors. This is a win for eveyone, and something we've lost in days of big box bookstores and online shopping.

"Discoverability" is the golden word in publishing these days, and Pam at the Bookmiser and "Pams "like her all over the country are truly the best manner of "discoverability" that exists.

So, here's to Pam and the Bookmiser owner, Annell Gerson, and to readers who appreciate giving their business to small businesses who know books!

Other than the Bookmiser, Friday was pretty frustrating because only a couple of Barnes & Nobles had received books by the time I visited.  As a result, I'm cutting the Atlanta area stores from my schedule, but I will visit all of the Booksamillions, so if you're in the Atlanta area and want a signed copy of MIRACLE ROAD, you'll find one at at Booksamillion.

My thanks to those of you who waited for me and my apologies to those who tried, but missed me. It's frustrating for everyone when a bookstore is supposed to have a book and doesn't!

Today's schedule is Booksamillions in McDonough, Griffin, and Peachtree City. If you would like to meet me when I'm there, email me now at emily@emilymarch.com and I'll let you know what time I'll be arriving at those stores.