My Small Towns

Ever wondered what places inspired the settings for my books? Here are the real-life towns that Eternity Springs, Cedar Dell, Brazos Bend and other story settings are based on:

Lake City, Colorado
Eternity Springs’ own Mocha Moose Coffeehouse and the hand-blown glass gallery that will be featured in Dreamweaver Trail come right out of the quaint town of Lake City, Colorado. Don’t you just want to sip a cup of coffee on that adorable wooden bench?


Ouray, Colorado
The healing waters of Angel’s Rest Resort & Spa in Eternity Springs are based on the hot springs that can be found in Ouray, Colorado.


Mineral Wells, Texas
The natural beauty of Mineral Wells, TX definitely harkens to the raw splendor that Eternity Springs has to offer. The town also has a neat bowling alley, complete with a restaurant and lounge, just like the one in my Cedar Dell books.


Graham, Texas
Downtown Graham, TX is how I imagine the town square of Cedar Dell or Brazos Bend -- complete with restored buildings, antique lampposts, colorful banners and flower-filled planters. Perfection!


So there you have it! If you find yourself wishing you could visit Eternity Springs, take a trip to any of these towns for a taste of life the small town way (you can also take a virtual tour of Eternity Springs anytime you want on my website!).

So here’s a question… If you were writing a book, what places would be the inspiration for your setting?