A Little (Free) Something For Your Stocking.

The MIRACLE ROAD eBook sale this month had me thinking about Christmas. I'm asking for your help!

For the past few years I've asked my Facebook and newsletter friends to send me a favorite Christmas cookie recipe. My assistant and I put them together in a free downloadable recipe book. My readers (and I) really enjoy it. One reader even told me she printed the recipe book and wrapped it up along with a copy of ANGEL'S REST for a gift. :)

I'd like to get 2015's version done a little early this year so that it is ready to go by the release of HEARTSONG COTTAGE on Nov. 3rd.

If you'd like to participate, send your holiday recipes (let's go beyond cookies, this year, shall we?) to emily@emilymarch.com by October 1st.

And, to make it bigger and better than ever, please invite your friends to participate! As an added incentive, everyone who sends a recipe by October 1 will be entered into a drawing for a special prizeā€”an Advance Reader Copy of HEARTSONG COTTAGE.

I hope you'll participate. The more recipes we get, the better for everyone!