Plot Group

I often get asked about my writing process, so I thought I'd share a little bit about it this morning. I have a group of talented writer friends who meet once or twice a year at various spots around the country for plot group. We spend anywhere from 3-5 days brainstorming plots for our books. We work very hard at this and by the end of our meetings, we usually have 3-5 new stories ready to write--and my brain is TIRED. This week we've been in beautiful Sonoma, California.

Members of my group are Nicole Burnham, Susan Sizemore, Christina Dodd and me. We all write different types of stories and this particular combination has a wonderful creative synergy. Nicole is currently writing big contemporary royalty romances. Susan writes fantasy and paranormal. Christina is writing suspense and I'm doing small town feel good books. These women are brilliant, and I am so blessed to have their help in shaping Eternity Springs.

This week they helped me figure out the plot for the book I'll start in November, as soon as I finish DREAMWEAVER TRAIL. I am also leaving California with a new Christmas novella to write and something just for fun that I may never write, but thinking about it feeds my creative soul.

So, this is how my books begin. Any questions?