A Different Kind of Hook-up

The road trip began with a visit to the fabulous Tennessee mountain vacation home of the fabulous writer, Linda Howard--author of my favorite book of all time, SON OF THE MORNING. (I try not to go too fan girl when I’m around her, but I usually fail.)

As if a six-state road trip by myself wasn’t adventuresome enough, I decided to use the occasion to check off an item on my bucket list. That’s why I,  the woman who married her high school sweetheart back before the earth’s crust cooled (stealing that line from Christina Dodd,) signed up for a different sort of hook-up.

I went ziplining with some writer friends.

For those who don’t know, a zip line is a cable stretched between two points. High above the ground. Very high. The zipliner basically hangs from a pulley and rides from one platform to another. Did I mention it was high?

The scenery was fabulous--both the Smokey Mountains and the cute tour guides who hooked us into harnesses then launched us out above the forest floor. It was a little terrifying stepping off into nothing, but I was determined to have my adventure.

The experience was exhilarating. By the fourth line I had the hang of it and was squealing with delight like a little girl--until I started spinning. A lot.

Recalling the cute tour guide’s instructions, I used my gloved hand to brake. Only I braked too hard.

I ended up stranded 50 feet from the platform and 100 feet off the ground. Oops.

(No, I didn’t do it on purpose so that the hot young tour guide would come out onto the line and tug me to safety.)

Instead, I channeled my inner Wonder Woman and pulled myself hand-over-hand to the platform. Once my tennis shoes touched solid ground, an exhilarating sense of satisfaction swept over me. One more item from the bucket list checked. My MIRACLE ROAD trip adventure had begun on a high note. Literally.

Wonder what sort of adventure I will find today? Today's schedule Florence, AL, Decatur, AL, Madison, AL, Hunstville, Spring Hill, Murfressboro, and finally, Nashville. Long day ahead!