eBook Cover Reveals!

"Cedar Dell is a small town.  Gossip is a major industry here.  Everybody knows everybody else's business, and what they don't know, they're trying to find out."

If you love reading about small-town life in Eternity Springs, try a visit to Cedar Dell, Texas in my eBooks, MY BIG OLD TEXAS HEARTACHE and THE LAST BACHELOR IN TEXAS.  I'm so excited to reveal the brand-new covers for these books on the blog today!

These were the old covers:


Drumroll please...

And here are the beautiful new covers!

Check out the book summaries below (both are just $4.99 on Amazon) and enjoy reading about this small town with a big heart!  Is there a small town that has a place in your heart?


Kate Harmon wonders how life got so complicated. One minute she's dating the sexiest bachelor in Dallas and the next she's back in her small hometown surrounded by grannies, gossip, and green bean casserole. It's not enough that she's been forced to finally return to the scene of her Scandal. Her cantankerous father needs nursing, her hormonal, pregnant-for-the-first-time-at-forty sister wants coddling, and her brother, Mr. Perfect, requires rescuing from a situation that threatens the family's future. As if that's not enough, who else is back in town but Max Cooper, former high school football star and the father of her teenage son. And now he wants to date her? Over the course of a long, hot Texas summer, Kate has the chance to finally make peace with her past and open a door to her future. But will a second chance at love stand in her way?
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When a friend asks talent manager Tess Anderson why she left the glamor of Hollywood for a double-wide trailer in Cedar Dell, Texas,she blames it on a biker named Snake. If he hadn't deserted her very pregnant, sadly helpless sister, then she wouldn't be stuck in the sleepy little town playing mommy to newborn twins. Personal tragedy brought wealthy Dallas attorney Nicholas Sutherland to Cedar Dell searching for something to save. He thinks that turning the shuttered hotel that once entertained movie stars into an assisted living center for seniors is his cause. He never expects that a California girl might be his redemption. When tattooed trouble rides into town and puts her family in danger, Tess wonders when her life became a movie script. She's grateful to have a leading man like Nick, but if they vanquish the villain then what? Her hero is at home on the range and she belongs on the beach. When the credits roll, can they find their happy ending? For this story, she'll need the large bucket of popcorn.
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