Win An Advanced Copy of Dreamweaver Trail!

Dreamweaver Trail (Book #8 of the Eternity Springs Series), goes on sale May 27th.  During the month of March I'll be holding a special contest where 12 people will be chosen to receive an advanced copy of the book!  Here's how to enter...

STEP 1: Sign up for EMILY'S ANGELS

This special group of readers has fallen in love with Eternity Springs and will be able to "earn their wings" by helping spread the word about this wonderful small town and its stories. Think of Emily's Angels as a blend of street teams, review crews, contest prize winners, and book club members. Mostly, they're a community of readers who enjoy the world of Eternity Springs and want to help it thrive. To sign up, scroll to the bottom of and click "Join Now." DON'T FOLLOW THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS BLOG PAGE, it's not working. (And I only learned this bit of news today, March 31. I'm sooooooo frustrated!!!)

STEP 2: Post a review of one of my books on Amazon by March 31st

Online reviews are very important for authors these days because they help readers find new authors. If you've read any of my books--historicals, contemporaries, it doesn't matter which--visit that book's page on and/or and leave a review. It doesn't need to be long or involved--just honest.

*Note: You can only post one review per book, but posting reviews of multiple books will increase your chances of winning!

STEP 3: Email me at

My assistant, Chelsea, will be keeping track of entrants so once you've signed up for Emily's Angels and posted your book review, email her at the above address and tell her your reviewer name and what book you reviewed.

For a list of my books to refresh your memory about what you've read, click here.

Best of luck to everyone!