Fun Facts About the Callahan Bros Series

1. The Callahan books were originally published as Give Him The Slip (2006), Never Say Never (2007), and Always Look Twice (2008). I’ve since edited and updated the stories to create The Callahan Brothers: Luke, Matt, & Mark.


2. The cover art for the Brazos Bend books was done by a local artist, Margie Whittington, who I contacted to do the pieces of Possum Kingdom Lake. Check out the interview with the artist that my assistant, Chelsea, did about these pieces last month.


3. The Callahan Brothers books are prequels to my Eternity Springs Series. The 9th Eternity Springs book, Teardrop Lane, comes out January 27, 2015. Order Now:

4. The setting for the Brazos Bend books takes place at Possum Kingdom Lake.


5. A Callahan Christmas is a novella that follows the Callahan Brothers series and precedes Angel’s Rest. You can Pre-Order A Callahan Christmas on Amazon now.

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