Author Adventure

Dear Friends,

This week I'm embarking on an adventure with my friend and fellow author, Christina Dodd!

We'll be spending two weeks sans internet (yes, you read that right) aboard a sailing yacht (watch the video) that goes from the Caribbean island of St. Maarten to Lisbon, Portugal—with no stops in between.

Why are we doing this you might ask? The goal is to write and write and write and write some more. I have finished the next Eternity Springs novel, HEARTSONG COTTAGE, which comes out November 3rd and now I need to get rolling on Eternity Springs #11. During these days at sea without WiFi or other distractions, I will be working on Lori and Chase's book, REUNION PASS. Christina will be hard at work on her next Virtue Falls book—and likely reminding me to take pictures to post once we reach Lisbon because I invariably forget. If you are not yet a member of Christina's newsletter list, do yourself a favor and sign up for it now. She's VERY entertaining and will probably tell our #AuthorAdventure better than I will.

After spending a few days in Portugal, I'm headed to London for a meeting with my British publisher.

While I'm gone I'll have my assistant, Chelsea, take over my social media for me and run a contest so stay tuned to my Facebook page for more details on that.

Once we reach Lisbon, Christina and I will be posting photos and videos from our trip so follow the hashtag #AuthorAdventure to be sure you don't miss anything. I'll also post my travel journal on my Blog once I'm back in the U.S.

Wish me luck!