Saturday I had a special guest along on my road trip, my dear friend Mary D. and her dog, Lacy.

I met Mary through our local RWA chapter twelve years ago, when we became members of the same critique group. Our friendship survived her move to Cincinnati nine years ago, and now her recent move to Atlanta made it an obvious route for the road trip to take.

We spent yesterday in the car talking non-stop between bookstores, catching up on friends and current events in our lives, but more importantly for you, Eternity Springs readers, ironing out the plot of TEARDROP LANE, which I must start as soon as I get home.

Friendship is one of the main themes I write out in my Eternity Springs books. Part of the reason it's so easy for me is that I have people in my life like Mary D. Thanks for the hospitality, Mary!

So, what about you? Do you have a friend who means the world to you?

Oops, forgot to post my schedule. I'm in Birmingham, AL today. I did stop by the Booksamillion's in Oxford and Gadsen so they have autographed books. Happy reading!