Lessons From The Road

Since leaving Texas ten days ago, I've seen a lot of new and wonderful things. I've also had a lot of time to think. Here's a sampling of my new discoveries and rediscoveries. 

Here's a sampling.

  • Don't let life keep you so busy that you don't stop and see the beauty of the changing seasons.
  • Value the time you have with loved ones, be they family or friends.
  • Sometimes, you need to put yourself in a bubble and just think.
  • Target has the best bathroom stops for road trips.
  • Sometimes you just have to lift your feet and jump. Or, zip line.
  • Face your phobias! (Especially if they include driving over a long bridge over the Tennessee River.)
  • Don't be afraid to stop.
  • The spirit of Eternity Springs is everywhere. Just keep your eyes and ears open and you'll find it.