Behind the Scenes at RWA

(A post by Emily's assistant, Chelsea)

I have been Emily's assistant for a little over 6 months now and I always enjoy getting to go with her to events and seeing how readers interact with her.  Last week I traveled to San Antonio to attend the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Conference with Emily.  Here's what I experienced...

This event took over the Marriott Rivercenter for the week.  You could see these "Think Harlequin" posters all over the place and there were groups of writers constantly congregating around the Starbucks conveniently located in the hotel lobby. :)


The first night was the big Literacy signing.  The ballroom where the event was held was set up with row after row of authors, all lined up so readers could take pictures, get autographs, and purchase books to benefit literacy organizations.  Here's Emily with 2 fans who came out to meet her and me posing with the legendary Nora Roberts (Nora and I were totally wearing coordinating colors that night).


The next day Emily and I had lunch on the riverwalk with the fabulous Christina Dodd.  It had been pretty hot the day before but the clouds had rolled in overnight so it was cool enough for us to be able to sit outside.  In Texas.  In July.

That evening we attended a cocktail party that Ballentine was throwing at a restaurant nearby.  Here's Emily with fellow author Joan Johnston.  We took a cab over to the party from the hotel but could not find a cab back so we walked back in our high heels.  Are we hard core or what?

The conference went through Sunday but Friday was my last day in San Antonio.  My hotel was right next to the Alamo so of course I had to pop over for a quick photo op!

It was so fun to meet all the amazing authors that had flown in for this event and to get to see so many excited readers interact with them.  Did anybody make it out to this event?  Do you go meet your favorite authors when they do events in your area?