The Hills are Alive... in Strasbourg

Well apparently my brain went on vacation when I was writing DREAMWEAVER TRAIL. I substituted "Strasbourg" for "Salzburg" in reference to The Sound of Music. I know better. I've been a huge Sound of Music fan all of my life! The biggest disappointment of my Europe trip when my daughter was going to school in Germany was our decision not to try to visit Salzburg. It's on my bucket list ever since.

               Strasbourg, France                                                  Salzburg, Austria

Sometimes my brain does really stupid things when I'm writing, so I understand how I made the original mistake. Just the other day I wrote “Grace Montgomery” instead of “Hope Montgomery” (from MIRACLE ROAD). Uh, duh! I only spent 6 months with Hope when I was writing that book a year ago. What I can't believe is that the error slipped through! That's the sort of thing copy editors are supposed to catch. I once had a copy editor that caught that I had summer-blooming wildflowers bloom in the spring. That was a good copy editor. How did they not check a Sound of Music reference?

I’m horrified that this didn’t get caught before the book went to print so consider this my apology to any readers who catch this mistake. I hope to have it fixed in subsequent printings of DREAMWEAVER TRAIL so if you purchase a copy with this error, hang on to it—it may become a collector’s edition!

Have you ever found a mistake like this in a book you’ve read?